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Boat plan for 13' solo flats skiff or SUP, fishing kayak

Plan and profile view of the solo flats boat FS13.

LOA: 13' 3.97 m
Max. Beam: 38" 96 cm
Hull draft at DWL: 2.5" 6 cm
Displacement at DWL: 350 lbs 160 liters
PPI at DWL: 147 lbs/in 26 l/cm
Designed hull weight 85 lbs 38.5 kg
Freeboard at DWL 7" 18 cm
Max. HP 5 4 KW
Material: Plywood cored epoxy composite  

Hull draft is without skeg (+3/4"). Draft at 500 lbs is 3.4". Cockpit is self bailing up to 725 lbs at normal trim.

Is it a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board), a wide fishing canoe, a small solo flats fishing skiff or all that together? Let's call her an hybrid solo skiff.

Solo skiff for flats fishing, fishing kayak, fishing SUP

Similar boats exist in fiberglass or rotomolded: the Solo Skiff or Ambush. Our FS13 is lighter and can be customized by the builder.

More accommodating and more stable than a SUP or a fishing kayak and designed from the start to take a small motor on the integral transom plate, the FS13 is small enough to fit in the back of most small trucks and light enough to be taken in and out of it by one man. Or she can be car topped.

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The moderate vee hull will move her reasonably well through a small chop. This super light and skinny skiff is designed for one person only but can take all the gear you need to explore fishing spots that other boats will never reach.

Building method:

The hull is made from Okoume plywood, epoxy and fiberglass.
The skiff is assembled origami style by folding the light plywood panels around the frames and transom. The hull is completely fiberglassed.
The center part of the cockpit sole is reinforced (triple thickness) and can take a bolted grab rail or other accessories like poling platform, bait well, battery box etc.. A grab rail can be installed with marine type SS toggle bolts but we fitted our first prototype with a carbon fiber rail. Specs are included in the building notes.
The hull is unsinkable thanks to foam poured under the sole.

Skill Level:

The FS13 can be built by a first time builder.
The Flats Skiff 13 is available as a complete kit with all precision cut parts that assemble like a puzzle and all the epoxy and fiberglass, ready to paint, for less than $ 1,000.00 (2015).
There is nothing to measure with the kit.
For those who prefer to cut their own plywood, the plans show dimensions for all the parts, no lofting ever required with our plans.


We show her with a grab rail but she can fitted with a small poling platform, a folding canoe seat or the cockpit can be left wide open.
She can be paddled with a SUP paddle, standing up or sitting with a regular canoe paddle. Or you can pole her.
The transom is designed to take an electric trolling motor but we tested her with an 8 HP outboard. It takes some experience to handle her with that much power and we specify maximum 5 HP (3KW). Fit the outboard with a tiller extension and you will have a perfect trim.
The smallest Torqueedo electric motor would fit her very well.
The plans show how to adjust the transom height to fit different trolling motors or an outboard with a 15" shaft.
The plans show a small skeg which is necessary when paddling. It could be omitted if the skiff is used only with a motor.
A graphite bottom is strongly recommended and cost about $ 8.00 (2015) when added to the last layer of epoxy resin.

Single skiff or motorized SUP 13'

Bill Of Materials:
All plywood Okoume BS1088, MarinEpoxy or Silver Tip resin.

Plywood standard sheets 4x8'
4 mm (3/16") 4 sheets  
Cleats and rub rail
3/4" square 80'  
Fiberglass fabric 50" wide (125 cm)
Woven 6 oz.(200 gr) 5 yards 5 m
Epoxy, total 1.5 gal 4.5 Kg

Add 1 lb of wood flour and some fairing compound to your preference.

The cost of materials varies depending on your location, your choice of epoxy brand, plywood type and options. Use our Bill Of Materials and check the local cost of materials.

All materials are available for purchase online from

Despite the cost of shipping, those materials may cost cost less online than purchased locally.


Our complete kit cost about $ 1,000.00 (2015) shipping included, materials purchased separately should cost around $ 500.00.

The hull shell can be build in 40 hours but those hours will be spread over several weeks because of the required resin curing time.

Visit our message board, help pages, tutorial pages and read our FAQ: most questions are answered there.


As with all our plans, you have the right to build one boat from those plans. The designer holds the copyright to the design and you purchase a license to build one boat. If you plan to build more than one boat, please contact us about licensing fees.

Building standards:

This skiff should be considered experimental: it does not fit easily within the current industry standard.
In the US (2015), it is perfectly legal for an amateur to build and use a boat like the FS13 but professional builders must consult the designer.


The plans are available in metric or inches.
The plans show the dimensions for all parts of the boat as cut flat on the floor. We show the layout of all parts on standard plywood sheets.

Building notes with step by step instructions are included.

The printed plans are printed on tabloid size paper, 11x17 (279 x 432 mm). The down loadable plans are in PDF format letter size. The purchase of the more expensive printed version includes access to the Digital Download plans.

Digital plans are available immediately.

Important note: These plans are copyrighted. The PDF file can not be copied or distributed. As for any of our plans, you purchase a license to build one boat.

If you plan to build more than one unit, for example for a boy scout troop or a school project, please contact us.


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