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Purists will disagree about the name semi-dory but that's the name under which we designed her. Compared to the larger sharpie in this web site, she has relatively more freeboard. She is a good general purpose little boat. She would make an excellent dinghy that will carry 3 people, but I would not sail with more than two. She can be rigged with a sprit sail or with a marconi rig using a sailboard sail.

Builder threads on our forum:


LOA: 11' 3,35 m
Max. Beam: 4' 1,20 m
Max. HP: 2 HP outboard
Designed weight: 85 lbs. 39 kg
Sail area: 45 sq.ft. 4 m2
Material: Stitch & Glue  


Building method:
This boat is built from flat plywood panels assembled with epoxy-fiberglass tape. The construction method is called "stitch and glue". For a detailed description of the stitch and glue boat building method, see our "How To" section where you will find a complete illustrated tutorial as well as information about epoxy, fiberglass and plywood.
The spars (mast and sprit) are made from 1x3 boards (12x30 mm) epoxy glued together. No shrouds required: very simple.

Required Skills:
The SD11 hull is very easy to build thanks to her flat bottom. There are no plywood scarfs: we use very simple butt blocks.

No woodworking skills or special tools are required.

She can be rigged with a sprit sail or with a marconi rig using a sailboard sail. The sail plans with spars, sails, daggerboard, rudder etc. are included in all plan sets.

Bill Of Materials:
(Excerpts from our BOM)
The BOM list materials based on our standard layout and includes a 15% waste factor for resin and fiberglass. For plywood, we use standard sheets 4' x 8' (122 x 244 cm). Please read the building notes and see the plans for detailed specifications.
This boat can be built from inexpensive exterior plywood since it is completely coated with epoxy resin.

Plywood 4x8' (122x244cm)
1/4" (6mm) 2  
3/8" (9mm) 2  
Fiberglass (totals)
Woven tape 50 yards 45 m
Epoxy, total 1.5 gallons 6 liters

The SD11 dinghy, rowing version, can be build for less than US $250.00 (1999).

The wooden spars cost around $20.00 in materials. Some builders made their own sails: the dimensions are on the plans, but see our sail kit.

We offer an epoxy fiberglass kit with free shipping in the US. Our kit cost less than the same supplies bought locally. See the main page, top left panel.

The average construction time for the hull is 25 hours.

Visit our message board, help pages, tutorial pages and read our FAQ: most questions are answered there.

Plans Packing List:

  • 5 Detailed drawings, large scale with all dimensions required to cut the sides, bottom and the bulkheads from flat plywood sheets: no lofting, no templates required.
  • Drawing List:
  • D95_1 Complete sail plan with spars, rudder, daggerboard etc. and Lines
  • D95_2 Construction and Plates
  • D95_3 Full Size Patterns - Frames
  • D95_4 Full Size Patterns - Sides
  • D95_5 Full Size Patterns - Appendages
  • Building notes including a detailed description of the assembly sequence and building tips.
  • Sprit Rig Notes
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Help files reference list and more.

Full size patterns for the side panels are in several pieces that must be tiled. Read more information about our plans packages here.

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All supplies to build this boat are available from our online stores :: epoxy/glass/paint and more :: plywood


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